AI-based solutions for pharma industry

AI-based solutions for pharma expedites go-to-market for drugs & vaccines: Chaith Kondragunta

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Intelligent Health AI

Chaith Kondragunta, CEO of AIRA MATRIX, will speak about the usage of deep learning applications in pathology at Intelligent Health AI, 2021.

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AI Transforming Indian Healthcare Industry

Nitisha from BISinfotech catch-up with Chaith Kondragunta, CEO, AIRA Matrix and other startups CEO's in healthcare space. Read More

AIRA MATRIX selected in the third cohort of the GE Healthcare India Edison Accelerator Program

AIRA MATRIX is proud to be selected in the third cohort of the GE Healthcare India Edison Accelerator Program. The Edison Accelerator enables companies to collaborate with experts from GE Healthcare to provide solutions that complement and integrate with GE’s product ecosystem.

Team AIRA MATRIX is excited to work with GE Healthcare on our solutions for Prostate cancer diagnostics, prognostics, and prediction.

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Application Of AI In Speeding Up Drug Discovery & Development

AIRA MATRIX CEO Chaith Kondragunta discusses how AI implementations help speed up drug discovery and development in the latest issue of BW Healthcare World.

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Chaith Kondragunta, CEO, AIRA MATRIX, speaks with

AIRA MATRIX CEO, Chaith Kondragunta shares key insights on how Deep learning-based solutions can significantly change outcomes of cancer therapy.

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TRANSFIN Podcasts: Gearing Up for an AI Future with Chaith Kondragunta of AIRA Matrix

Chaith Kondragunta, CEO, AIRA MATRIX, speaks with Anaytics Insight

AIRA MATRIX CEO, Chaith Kondragunta shares key insights on how our Deep Learning-based applications improve workflow efficiency and enable informed decision-making in the healthcare and pharma industries.

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ARVO Imaging in the Eye Conference

AIRA MATRIX is happy to share that our submissions, “LEAP: LEsion-Aware Prediction of diabetic macular edema grades from color fundus images using deep learning”, and “Deep Learning-Based Ocular Disease Classification using Retinal Fundus Images” have been accepted for presentation at the 2021 ARVO IMAGING IN THE EYE conference.

The first paper will shed light on how our Deep Learning-based LEsion-Aware Prediction (LEAP) model effectively performs automatic detection and grading of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). The model captures the interclass variability across DME grading, which can be highly impactful for screening programs worldwide.

The second paper will share key insights on how our Deep Learning algorithms with an ensemble of CNN models are capable of detecting and diagnosing diabetic retinopathy (DR), glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and other pathologies.

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AIRA MATRIX and Pharmaseed announces collaboration

AIRAMatrix Pvt. Ltd. (“AIRA Matrix”), the premier provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services for the Life Sciences industries and Pharmaseed Ltd (“Pharmaseed”), Israel’s largest GLP-certified pre-clinical CRO specializing in translational and regenerative studies announced a strategic collaboration for developing AI applications for quantification of histological parameters derived from in-vivo disease models in animal studies.

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Pathology AI Algorithms Deployed on Augmented Reality Microscope in Preclinical Study

Life sciences Artificial Intelligence products and services company, AIRA Matrix (“AIRA Matrix”), and microscope-based digital pathology platform Augmentiqs (“Augmentiqs”), announced the world’s first pre-clinical deployment of deep-learning algorithms in an augmented reality microscope.

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AIRA Matrix announces webinar series on AI applications in Reproductive Toxicology

AIRA Matrix announces a webinar series on AI applications in Reproductive Toxicology. The first in the series, “Application of Artificial Intelligence for Spermatogenic Staging Assessment in Rodents” will be presented on Feb 11, 2021, in association with Dr. Dianne Creasy (Ph.D., DipRCPath (Tox), FRCPath). Dr. Creasy is a leading toxicologic pathologist and an expert in reproductive toxicology reporting.

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AIRA MATRIX Invites You to a Luncheon Session: “Demystifying Deep Learning for Pathologists” at the 17th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology

AIRA MATRIX is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a session titled, “Demystifying Deep Learning for Pathologists” on September 18th, 2019 at the 17th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology organized by European Society of Toxicologic Pathology (ESTP).

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AIRA Matrix CEO Chaith Kondragunta to deliver speech at Intelligent Health Inspired Online Summit

AIRA Matrix CEO, Chaith Kondragunta will be speaking at Intelligent Health Inspired, the world’s largest online summit dedicated to AI in medicine. The session titled, “AI Applications for Screening and Early Disease Detection in Pathology” is a part of the AI Innovation series.

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Webinar | Application of Artificial Intelligence in Scoring Rodent Cardiomyopathy

Progressive cardiomyopathy (PCM) is a common background change seen in rodent toxicology. We invite you to participate and discuss deep learning applications for progressive cardiomyopathy (PCM) scoring in rodents.

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AIRA Matrix Wins Second Place in the Global Gleason 2019 Challenge at MICCAI2019

AIRA Matrix wins second place in the global Gleason 2019 Challenge at MICCAI2019. The challenge involved automating the Gleason score, a highly reliable grading method for classifying the histologic characteristics of Prostate cancer. Our proposed deep learning algorithm will help improve the accuracy, precision and speed of Gleason’s scoring. These improvements, will enable better prognosis of prostate cancer and help guide the right therapies.

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